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McLaren Trophy


McLaren Trophy

There is an age-old question in motorsport: is it the car or the driver that makes the difference?

What if you put all the drivers into identical cars? Completely equal machinery so that when the lights go out, it’s all up to the driver to make the difference.

McLaren Trophy, Europe is McLaren’s all-new single-make championship, where drivers race identical cars – whether it be the all-new Artura Trophy or the superb 570S Trophy – putting the focus on pure driving skill.

With 50-minute races and a format that puts the emphasis on the Bronze driver to make the difference, McLaren Trophy, Europe is the ultimate proving-ground for any ambitious Bronze racer.

Racing at five of Europe’s most iconic circuits, alongside GT World Challenge, Europe , the championship will boast an incredible level of coverage and exposure. All ten races will be live streamed across multiple channels, and state-of-the-art facilities offer the chance to experience what it means to race with McLaren.

Join us as we write our next chapter in the illustrious racing history of McLaren.

McLaren Trophy


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Rounds Circuit Country Month
1 - 2
Paul Ricard
02 – 04 June
3 - 4
29 June - 01 July
5 - 6
28 - 30 July
7 - 8
01 – 03 September
9 - 10
29 Sept – 01 October


Artura Trophy

The all-new McLaren Artura Trophy is a specialist race car designed exclusively for our new one-make championship, McLaren Trophy, Europe.

McLaren Trophy

McLaren Artura Trophy

McLaren Motorsport engineers have taken the Artura GT4 and unleashed it from all regulatory restrictions. With 585PS it is sensationally quick in a straight line, and coupled with an enhanced aerodynamics package, it is supremely agile in both low and high speed corners.

The Artura Trophy debuts McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture featuring a carbon fibre monocell at its core. This minimisation of weight gives the Artura Trophy extremely precise handling characteristics and maximum accessibility to give ultimate driver engagement for both Amateurs and Professionals alike.

The Artura Trophy’s increased power and enhanced aerodynamics significantly reduce laps time and makes it the ideal stepping-stone between GT4 and GT3.

570S Trophy

570S Trophy

The McLaren 570S Trophy is based on a car that needs no introduction – the 570S GT4. The 570S GT4 has won over 200 races and 25 championships, clocking up over 500 podiums along the way.

McLaren Trophy

McLaren 570S Trophy

The 570S Trophy introduces another 110PS and endurance brakes to create an unshackled race car with 540PS at its disposal. At up to four seconds a lap faster than a GT4 car, the 570S Trophy is the ideal choice of weaponry to do battle on some of Europe’s finest race tracks.

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